Monday, 2 August 2010

It's Over !

There must be something in the water. After LL's encounter with Mr SuperSulk last week, today my phone trilled with more He's Not A Nice Guy news.

"Can you give a quick call today! I need a friend to talk to!", said M's text.

I won't lie I wasn't surprised. M and F are like the Burton and Taylor of our group of friends. When it's good with them, everything runs like a slow motion love sequence in a blockbuster movie.

When it's bad, there's more drama then a double dose of the most far fetched soap opera. Their combined ability to row about the big stuff and the small stuff with equal intensity and for about the same length of time.

Invariably I get a midnight caller moment and dispense my standard advice for anyone in a love you/hate you relationship - Move On!

Their latest spat was gale force 100 and it looks like it's all over. M had been feeling unwell for a few days. She's one of those type of people who refuses to be sick.

That is until she collapsed at work and landed up in hospital. F told her he was tied up with work and would call her later. When she was released from hospital, later on that evening, he still hadn't called.

He wasn't at her when she got home, but fortunately, one of the girls at work stayed with her until she fell asleep. She woke up alone at 3am and yes, you've guessed it, still no sign of him.

He didn't call the next day or the next, or for next week and she still hasn't heard from him!

"I can't believe he could be so fucking cold", said M angrily.

"Looks like you've got a Bolter on your hands!" I replied.

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