Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Riots 2

There is a difference between seeing something on TV and seeing it in living technicolour right in front of you.

The two bicycle stores in Croydon were stripped bare. The music store emptied. Several bars, newsagents, a chemist and a fabric shop all with smashed windows and as of this afternoon boarded up.

Just now at the end of my street two police vans pulled up. A group of teenagers some in those despicable hoods that those thugs were wearing last night, were stopped, searched and questioned. From the stupid smiles on their faces it was obvious they were on the prowl just in case.

At the pub in the centre of the square a crowd of largered up lads watched proceedings as if waiting for something the kick off.

This is Croydon Aug 2011. Before the carnival which surely now can't take place-it's just too risky and dare I say it the Olympics. We have much work to do, to help our law abiding citizens to forget what has happened since Saturday night.

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