Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Whole Lotta Crap Going On !

Well we can definitely scratch one of the jobs I was in holding pattern for. The no came yesterday via email in three short paragraphs. What put a rye smile on my face was a throwaway line from them asking me to continue to support their company....hilarious !

Which was also what I thought when my latest 'love interest' texted me to say he couldn't be bothered to get in his car to meet me. Apparently things would be easier on him if I was 3 sizes smaller (that would take me into the anorexia zone!) and lived on his doorstep or somewhere more convenient for him.

Where do I find these guys or rather how do they find me ?

Humm....I replied

"No problem. If you can't be bothered, that's that Good luck with finding someone who fits your exacting standards!

It is funny sometimes how people apparently looking for love fail to think before they speak. Big D told me he got a brilliant message from a woman who said she wasn't keen on children (weird because he has a son), but if he wanted to meet up, that would be good.

Cheeky cow!

They say that rough stuff always somes in threes, so let's all keep our fingers crossed there is no more crap headed this way !

On the plus side, because hell there are lots of people out there with worst problems then mine, I followed up with everyone I met at the networking event, I forced myself to go to on Tuesday.

I was pleasantly surprised by our host who turned out to be a business philosopher who encourages businesses and individuals to view their strategies and work practices in different ways.

That's what I'm doing. I was up early doors working on a new pitch and looking forward to another new opportunity.

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