Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Rise and Fall of The Bold and the Beautiful

This weekend Usain Bolt sure fire winner of the 100 metres at the IAAF World Atheletics Championship lost. No one beat him. He beat himself by false starting.

His immediate reaction was fury and self digust. TV cameras around the world, broadcast pictures of him tearing off his vest and berating himself for making such a stupid mistake.

Then as I flicked through the pages of my Sunday Times Style magazine, I came across an article written by former super model Paulina Poriskova, who was bemoaning how pathetic her spiralling, apparently miserable life had become as a once famous person.

Both Bolt and Poriskova have spent years as life's winners, so I was stuck by their apparent inability to cope with failure, in front of the 'world' by Bolt and the loss of influence and recognition of preceived beauty by Poriskova.

Which leads me to the question can you only really deal with failure if you've tasted it?

We all have friends who always seem to have things going on with them. By that I mean some crisis or chaos, but have you noticed how those people are some of the strongest people you know.

This year's been an interesting one so far. I've gone from relative calm to absolutely the worst state for me - limbo.

Day to day, I find myself adjusting my perceptions of me and how I handle myself. Having to do things differently to achieve results, that just a few months ago would have been really easy, but for whatever reason just aren't right now.

But it's a challenge I am enjoying and I know has to be leading to something amazing.

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