Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Date!

So how did the date go? At the risk of tempting my post date hex (how I long to break that one!), surprisingly well !

Because it was so darned hot, my 'what do I wear moment' wasn't an issue. I settled on my favourite purple maxi-dress which looks great (so I've been told) and I can eat in it, without me looking like I've swallowed a whole micro pig!

PB racked up BB points from the get go. First, he turned up (an elementary action I know, but forgotten by some of my previous dates!). He was on time (mega brownie points for that one. Come on, you know my history guys!). Finally, he looked lush in a white shirt, casual trousers and birkenstocks.

I had to remind myself first, not to grin like some insane smug cheshire cat and second, not be too amused by flunk of being out on a Saturday night; instead of being settled on the sofa multi-tasking, watching the X-Factor, while tweeting and texting friends.

I was a bit worried that my proactive pre-date venue suggestion - a little bossy I thought, might have put him off me, but he said he appreciated it.

So we headed towards a Covent Garden bar. Onto Embankment to another bar for a cheeky drink and some food, before finally heading across the bridge to the Southbank, for an unexpectedly romantic walk.

I thanked my lucky stars for wearing sensible shoes and for PB being so easy to get along with. The banter was all there. He was funny and self depreciating. Just the right side of cheeky, opinionated and smart.

Oh, and he's got one of those mega watt smiles that's got me into a lot of trouble in the past!

For the first time in a long time, I cursed living South of the river versus his central London location, as I nearly missed my last train home, ecause bI was having such a good time.

Am I seeing him again? I'd like to.

Instead of working myself up to some post date perfect storm, I've left the ball in his court.

If it's meant to be then I'll see him again. If not, I went on a great, chilled date that I enjoyed.

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