Saturday, 1 October 2011

Things I Have Learnt This Week

1) I still know absolutely nothing about dating.

Remember OTTR guy. Well it's back on! I know. I got clobbered by S, for being too harsh in my response to OTTR guy's no show text.

"Cut the guy some slack, at least he didn't leave you standing there like some mug and he does want to see you. Drop the ego and just sort out another day to meet up ".

Well that was BB bodyslammed. So I did exactly what I was told to do.

Good friends are amazing when you're in a state of self doubt about your more rash decisions. I'm one of those people who have learnt that when my friends pull me on my behaviour, I should always listen, because they are doing it with love and care.

Regardless of how laid back I think I am, I can be just as harsh, untrusting and judgemental as the next person. Something I can choose rather conveniently not to accept at times.

2) The V & A really is one of London's most underrated museums.

It is not only housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in London, it also hosts some of the very best exhibitions. I saw the Annie Lennox and Performance exhibitions this week and they were both awesome.

3) Women's locker room talk is beyond boring.

This week at my gym I have overheard discussions about the best biscuits, how hard it is to find good a swimsuit in Autumn and the startling revelation that yoga teacher 1 is much better than yoga teacher 2. I now get changed with my earphones on to avoid such tedious conversation !

4) If you are walking through Victoria Station in the evening rush hour, there is every likelihood that you bump into the one ex you really don't want to be see - cue my encounter with Mr Scotland - awkward !

5) Giving someone the two fingered salute is sometimes more effective than yelling insults.

I reserved this particular blend of unladylike, but appropriate venom for a tango tinged Italian, driving a ridiculous sports car this morning in Knightsbridge.

He yelled and swore at me in Italian, because I didn't cross the road quickly enough for him. It was so completely unecessary and I couldn't be bothered to waste my precious words on him, so I wheeled out the two fingers salute. He was dumbstruck and my point was made without having to raise the volume, flick my weave or throw a filthy, dirty look.

6) NO is still my least favourite word in the dictionary. I have heard it every day for the last two months in conjunction with just about everything important in my life, that I need to get moving and I no longer accept it. I find ways around it.

Persistence and blind faith are definitely the key.

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Gerard said...

Hey darlin'. Good on you giving Mr Rude Italian Man the two fingers! Made me smile :-) xx