Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Weekend

I'd promised myself this will be a low key weekend after two weeks of me being sick, along with me worrying about my Mum (whose in hospital in the States), but no such luck.

First there's the continuing uncertainity about my work. Yes once again, it's been another weekend spent waiting to hear whether I have 'pitch' dazzled probably one of the sexiest agencies in London, just enough for them to give me a sparkly new contract.

I called my contact about my prospective gig on Friday, only to be told...

'She's no longer with the company Madam'... a flustered sounding receptionist, who definitely couldn't handle another person asking her for all the gory details, so I let her off the hook.

All in all, it's been a pretty lively weekend. First I got three lovely emails from some followers from a review site I write for, who told me I'd been picked as their 'Reviewer of the Week' - a small accolade I know, but this little diva, appreciates any words of praise, especially when its attached to her writing :0)

Then, I heard Sir Jimmy Saville had died aged 84 yesterday. For some reason he was one of those people who always seemed old, to me, even when I was a kid. I thought he was indestructable, so I was really sad to hear the news.

Fortunately, my shock didn't diminish my humour tank, because just a few hours later, I indulged in a really satisfying Rebel With A Cause Moment 101 - by eating a very large cream filled doughnut in my.....gym internet lounge!

The filthy looks I received from several sweat drenched gym bunnies, on the point of self induced collapse, was enough to put a massive smile on my face!

Poor darlings ! They clearly failed to understand the real reason for going to the gym is so that you can continue to eat !

I was in the gym internet lounge because horror of horrors, my laptop has died....well it hasn't quite reached the blue screen of death, but it can't load even the most basic programmes or connect to the internet damnit!

The gym lounge was my last resort, which would have been perfect if it has been loaded with the basics - Microsoft Office. No, that would be way too reasonable.

Some smart alec IT guru at Head office no doubt, assumed that all gym members would ever want to do was surf the net..argh no, not quite!

I caught up with A today to celebrate her new business being launched (so proud of her :0) and to fill her in on the end of the PB situation.

Since we're through, I can happily reveal his aka (not given to him by me, but by'friend some of his other 'friends') was Pootrick or Pooh Bear!

Two cutie pie names, that are definitely at odds with his far from cute behaviour.

My original suspicions about him were unfortunately, spot on and my failure to lay out 'the goodies' to him at our last meet up, has resulted in him becoming a 'Bolter' or actually I should call him an 'OTTR Bolter!'

PB's inability to respond via text or phone to my apparently terrifying texts

'How are you doing?' and

'How's work?' texts, told me all I needed to know.

I deleted his number and happily consigned him to the 'oh well' man bin, without another thought.

Roll on next week !

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