Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Waiting Game

So this playing it cool and acting all grown up date thing is hard work, especially for a spontaneous, dating whirlwind like moi.

PB is smack bang has been in launching a new business. He's up to his eyes in work, work and more work. He texted once this week, to thank me for helping him out with connecting with some potential new business contacts and ended the text with "I'll try to meet soon x"

"I'll try"

Two words (up there with "I'm married", "I'm gay" and "I'm leaving") that no dater wants to hear from the object of their desire. From a guy it means - seeing you again has the priority level of him loading his washing machine and from a woman generally means after she'll get back to you after she's reorganised her wardrobe/closet.

I hit the ball back over the net without thinking (what's new!) and said 'No worries' like some Australian schoolgirl (since when did Neighbours dialogue, form part of my daily smart arse vocabulary?), and that I'd hold a good thought for him and the business launch.

S gently broke down "I'll try" into what I already knew it was, which is "I'm just not into you enough to fit you into my busy schedule".

I always ask S for a guy's perspective, as I genuinely have no idea what goes on in their minds or texts!

I totally, totally appreciate the pressures of starting up a business and the mammoth effort you need to build it, but I also question the importance of balance in your life.

Even if it's grabbing a cup of coffee together (which would have been absolutely fine with me), it's about effort and quality, not the length of time you have, especially when you are getting to know someone. You don't say you'll try - you just do.

I thought PG rocked on the personality and charisma front and from a deeply, deeply shallow height/looks front (which is unusual for me) was a total scale up from the usual funny, short guys who I like and seem to graviate towards my equally, height deficient self.

Unfortunately for me PB didn't feel the same, so ho hum at least I had a one great date with him and I wish him every success with his new business, which I know he is going to do really well with.

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