Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Blast from the Not So Distant Past!

Sometimes somebody in your life behaves in a way so completely harsh and unnecessary, that you are gobsmacked at their sheer gall. And then when they finally slink off in disgrace, you never imagine for one second they would have the balls to reappear; well sometimes they do!

As I may have already told you I am one of those annoying people who needs very little sleep. So nearly every night when all the world is fast asleep, I’m wide awake.

When I studying at night and working in the day, this was a pretty useful habit to have. Now I have no essay plans to stuggle with, no research to digest and none of the last minute drama of re-writing a truly awful essay, I find myself sometimes quite bored, waiting for my mind to slow down enough so that I can sleep.

Most of the time I read. Which was what I was doing at 1:38am this morning, when I heard the dull beep of my mobile. Must be G I thought. We had spoken earlier in the evening.

As well as telling me about a potentially life-changing job, she is up for and totally deserves because she works so darned hard, she poured out her heart regarding the Fool. It left me rather glad that I’m not caught up with anything too dramatic dating wise at the moment. I flicked to the message that read

“Um, tell me to fuck off, but I so want to see you. The reason for the late text is I’m in the States.”

I checked the number. It was DG!

The same DG who disappeared not once, but twice off the radar!. The last time being at New Year’s, kicking my New Year off in truly momentous form and reinforcing my hatred of ‘celebrating’ the New Year.

The first time he did it, I’ll admit I was gutted (as about 2/3 blog entries at the time will attest to !) because I actually liked him. The second time - because everyone gets two chances with me. Why? Because it means I’ve never had a ‘what if moment’ in my life. That’s with any situation, but particularly dating ones (the ones without complications), I can truly say I know I gave 100% and if it didn’t work out, it’s not through lack of effort on my part.

I picked up the phone dialled the number so I could verbally blast him, something he fully deserved, not for bailing, that is his prerogative, but just for being such a wimp about it all. Hell, I even offered him an 'out' escape route of one of those girlie "What’s wrong?" moments.

Being the coward he is, he of course didn’t pick up the phone. There are moments when I truly wish men had never discovered the power of text. Worldwide some (not all!) men have have regularly hidden behind medium, to dispense with their women or just to avoid having those difficult conversations – without actually having to truly have those "really difficult conversations!"

So I texted back:

“0k call me tomorrow. I make no promises, but I will listen to what you have to say for yourself.” . Me and the girls are already taking bets, that the message has scared the pants off of him.

He probably sent it when drunk and didn’t realise it was my number and I’ll never hear from him again. I would like to think that was true, but just like a headless cockroach, this guy just keeps coming back and leaves me as confused as ever as to how men's minds work.

So what about BA ? All good there….well it always starts that way doesn’t it? He’s on the ball, sarcastic, is incredibly blunt and was pretty open about where he is at in his life and what he wants from life.

We talked for just over and hour and... well let’s see how this one turns out, shall we?

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, and initially I agreed with your take on the whole dating experience. I am however beginning to notice a pattern and I would like to pose a question to you? Are you sure it’s not you? A large part of being an adult is the ability to self analyse and question ourselves. Something which you seem to do very little off. Self analysis allows us to grow and development and learn.

You seem to have a dismissive view of men in general and especially those that seem to show general interest in you. You claim that all men have unrealistic lists of what their ideal partner would be, are you no different? There comes a certain stage in one’s life when you have to ask yourself is it me? More often than not it is us, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s how you change and improve yourself that matters.

I don’t know you but I have read enough about you to know that if you continue with this “Diva” attitude, that you will end up being on your own. I hope that you do think about this, it would be shame to see you not have all that you want. VB