Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day !

So you want to know what happened with G? It was nice! Going out with someone whose already a friend means, that you don't have the awkward getting to know you phase. You already know their strange habits, dodgy sense of humour and you shouldn't be nervous right?

Guess what I was! I had lunch C and E and then met up with G for dinner. The Italian restaurant we went to was jam-packed with couples who had decided to avoid the Valentine's Day massacre on the 14th and celebrate that loving feeling the day before.

Having impressed the maitre'd with actually being Italian, G took my hand and walked me across to the bar, while we waited for our table.

The waitress came over with two complimentary glasses of champagne. "What's this in aid of?" said G cheerily "Valentine's Day" she replied looking at him with a surprised look. "Oh shit!" said G turning to me with a sheepish look. "And let me guess you've brought me a card!".

"Yes" I said smiling. "It's in my handbag. Didn't the fact that we are surrounded by lovehearts, balloons with Happy Valentine's Day and lovestruck couples wherever you look, give you a bit of a clue?"

"You know me B, can't see anything that's not right under my nose!". We both laughed.

I know the feeling G !

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