Sunday, 21 February 2010

Life Laundry !

So just what have I been up to? I have been 'improving' myself ! For those of you who think that a few days is definitely too short a time to work on such a extensive project as myself, I would totally agree.

On Saturday I attended the “Make It Happen” Seminar. Me at a self-help seminar? I know Gasp! Shock! Horror ! I’ve always hated the ‘cult’ of self-help. Lots of people herded into a room, like demented cattle. Encouraged to talk, hug out their pain and be better managers, leaders or darned it people!

Add that to my natural aversion to being told what to do by someone I don’t know and you could be forgiven for thinking that I had gone along under some kind of duress.

Actually it was deliberate. I’ve been following the facilitator MH online for a while and been impressed with his passion and conviction of purpose, no bullshit approach and more importantly results.

Standing in a room of young thrusting, intelligent mid-20’s to mid-30’s guys, would normally be my idea of heaven on earth, but on this occasion I was a little nervous. Everyone in the room seemed to have taken a pill which had pumped them up, ready to undergo some mind-blowing chance, except me.

I was trying to work out whether it was the early morning start or missing my favourite guilty pleasure Saturday morning show ? I was also worried because I have the attention span of a knat (like an ant – for my American readers!) and sitting in a room for nearly 6 hours, is a feat I’ve only ever managed once at the London Film Festival on their Movie Madness Day, sustained by a sugar overload of popcorn and full fat coke!.

I needn’t have worried. MH was amazing. He was energetic, knowledgeable and totally committed to enthusing and driving his audience, to not only take onboard his tips and tools to overcome their fears of failure, inactivity ……you name it really he called us on it…being lazy, saying we’re too busy…..

He was particularly great at working with a businessman J who had quite literally hit the wall in his business, finances, self esteem, emotional well-being and just life in general.

As he sat there in tears at one point, which was at odds with the big bear of a man mountain we had all noticed when he got on stage, it once again made me realise what a good place I am in and how if I continue pushing myself, things can only continue to get better.

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