Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy Friday !

Tomorrow I’m off to Bath for the day with G and secretly (oh who am I kidding!), I am really looking forward to it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think this is Love Story, but whatever happens I should have some fun, something which has been in very short supply until recently.

Maybe my sunny disposition and all round universal joy is rubbing off on the people around me, because when I got back last night, I found C sitting on the sofa beaming like a Cheshire Cat. He is off to Malaysia ….the jammy bugger!....For work…true, but how lucky is he! I am really proud of him, because he really didn’t expect to be considered to go on the trip, despite being one of the very best guys on his team.

As I mentioned, C and I have been getting to know one and other properly since my departure from dark side (which from what I heard now closely resembles the land Mordor in both heart and mind, but without me pretending to be Frodo!)

C is a total sweetheart, who has put up with my moody self (when he first moved in) my “woman on the brink of a nervous breakdown self” in the final days of HWMBO, through to my overly happy self of today.

He has these funny little sayings and way of laughing at the world and himself that, is truly hilarious and sometimes makes him look like a small boy who is so pleased they can't stop hugging themselves.

As we sat on the sofa catching up on all our news, I couldn’t help remarking “I told you there was a good vibe in the air around us at the moment” “Aye you did !” he replied doing his spooky hands move !

Just call me Little Ms Sunshine !

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lara,

I'm glad to hear about your good news regarding G. I can't help think though that this should be one of the lessons you need to take to heart. Give people a chance, take time to get to know people before you judge them!

Men like C who you initially had reservations about and seemed quite dismissive off, have turned out to be "pure gold" and "a total sweetheart." Yet the ones like "DG" who you initially seemed excited about and seemed to fit your ideal criteria, have amounted to nothing....

I hope you give G a proper chance, and not rush things. Get to know him better, you owe him that much. Real life is far more interesting that a Love Story, especially as love stories are just stories! VB