Thursday, 1 April 2010

Life On Mars !

If there's one thing that unifies us other than work, bad dancing, money (or the lack of it!), family and still reading the horoscopes of our ex's, its our love lives in whatever state they are in.

Tonight after work, I hooked up with resident good guy SC and Little Miss MatchMaker (LMM). Before I could even finish taking the first sip from my glass LMM launched into her latest dating disaster.

First she stunned us with a blast from the past dating story of how after living with her boyfriend for two years, she came face to face with his other girlfriend and their baby (!), innocently in the lift on the way up to the flat she shared with him.

Her boyfriend's 'rabbit in the headlights' look, when he opened the front door to both lucky ladies, was worthy of only one response from LMM, which made us laugh our socks off, as LMM never lowers herself to ghetto talk - "You motherfucker!"

Roll the dice forward two years to now and she has just found out that her executive chef boyfriend is cheating on her with an ex. One confrontation, one empty box of condoms retrieved from the bathroom bin and a three way Anglo-French screaming match later and here she was in front of us, on the verge of tears, finding scant comfort in the depths of a large glass of red.

"Why does it always happen to me?" she whined, between sipping her wine and blowing her nose with increasing force and determination.

"Cherub, you just need to choose a little better", I said surprising myself with the empathetic wisdom only a serial disaster dater can conjure up.

"Be honest with yourself. You have a type - the bad boy/cheating scumbag type. No matter how many times you go for it, the result will always be the same. Denials from them, so good that you think you're going mad with your suspicions; and ultimately heartbreak for you. Wake up. You don't have to go there. Why put yourself through it. Give yourself a break, hang out with your friends. Forget about men for awhile and I promise you things will get better" .

She smiled and went back to the bar to order another glass of wine. While she was doing that, I was wondering when I'd turned into my mum !

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