Tuesday, 11 May 2010

All Quiet On The BB Front ...Not!

To be perfectly honest absolutely nothing notable or worthy of my reflection has happened in the last week. It is as if everything around me has come to a thundering standstill.

Until today. Having agonised over a particularly square possible opportunity working in insurance, and just about got my head around it and the interview tomorrow, I found a message on my phone from the agency saying it was cancelled.

When that type of thing happens you can go several ways in your thinking.

First – "Darned it, don’t tell me I need to rework my cv again".

Next - I'll be honest, relief because I am way too loud to sit quietly in a room of number crunchers, picking key colours to make specialist information in my excel spreadsheet stand out, to the poor beggars who then have to interpret what the sheet means.

And finally, that dodgy after thought "Have I been blackballed by someone recently or in my dim dark past". Answers on a postcard please !!

Once you have put these crazy notions aside you can concentrate on the good stuff. Strange as this may seem, especially as I am in limbo in just about every area of my life right now, I’m pretty happy at the moment.

Granted my love life remains stuck in a wilderness void that only a minor miracle could penetrate through. I am still being 'courted' by various suitors, but right now I'm not that bothered.

My work status is at best ‘interesting’- today I found out the job in change management that I'd been sounded out about, have been gunning for and can do in my sleep, isn't going to me.

Apparently I've been 'earmarked' for an admin role with G - my power hungry opposite number whose been shoving all her crappy jobs my way.

Has anyone asked me whether I want this 'joey role' - no. Talked to me about salary, opportunity, my so-called bright future in a frankly rubbish role - hell no. The assumption seems to be that I'll just run with things, when someone finally talks to me about it.

I'm actually quite amused with things, as the whole situation is just waiting for me to inject a little bit of mischief by disappearing off into the sunshine a little sooner than I wanted.

Ordinarily I'd feel just a little guilty but it will teach them to not to count their chickens, before checking whether they're still laying golden eggs!

Despite all of this uncertainty I consider myself pretty darned lucky. I’ve learnt to accept that when things don’t come to me, are invariably not meant for me.

Work is the way it is, because good stuff is just around the corner and in the meantime little gems like the news that HWMBO has got rid of another incarnation of me, who lasted exactly a month (I rest my case, I was a saint to last as long as I did !), keep me mischieviously cheerful.

What comes next - you tell me !

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