Friday, 21 May 2010

Hot In the City!

It has been a pretty uninteresting week, that is until the heatwave hit hard today. Being couped up in an office which resembles a hothouse the minute the temperature gauge rises is cause enough to be catty.

But stepping out for lunch today I was confronted by an sea of women with absolutely no idea how to dress for the weather. There were several tribes that caught my eye.

The Trenchcoat Mafia
Out in force ready for action,wearing their coats despite it being 80 degrees outside, just in case the weather changed.

The Jimmy Shoez
Shoes fashionistas whose devotion is so extreme, that they wear even the silliest new trends - like sling clogs that are impossible to walk or hobble in or my number one pet hate at the moment - Sack Boots.

These hybrid shoe/boots/sandals - either in contrast fabric (black and gold or slutty red - shame on otherwise fashionable girl about town who stopped me dead in my tracks this morning wearing a fire engine peep-toe version of them!).

And don't let me forget the espadrilles version,or the gladiator sandal cross mix that would only look good on a TopShop refuge.

Attack of the Red Lobsters
Fair-skinned beauties who despite knowing better, spurn their essential factor 100 plus sun lotion burn themselves, just by walking around in the sun and insist on exhibiting the damage, wearing maxi-dresses with bikini tops underneath them.

Couple this offence with wearing cheap flip-flops and unpolished toe nails and I'd say we have a crime against fashion, which should not be forgiven any time soon.

The Busty Babes - Ladies - there really is no reason for you to give a free viewing of your assets by wearing lowcut summer dresses which don't quite fit you properly,and are in danger of setting the girls free when you least expect it.

Roll on summer - you've been a long time coming!

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Rene Elyse said...

Why is it that the summer heat seems to dehydrate both fashion and common sense from the brains of our fashionistas?

This year should be particularly interesting with the play being on denim and florals. I can't help but think that that's a train wreck in the making, and whilst I would not usually partake in blood sports, this summer's people watching will be unmissable, free entertainment.

These fashion faux pas are not limited to our female friends, our boys are just as guilty. The sun brings with it the illusion that they are all body builders and have prefect pecs, bums, tums and other unmentionables.

This illusion is scarily translated into muscle t-shirts on not so muscular bodies, beer bellies on show, more builders cracks than a scooby doo shack and the old fav; sandals and socks.

Ah Summer! Three months of fashion insanity. Ladies put down those remotes and step out doors, the insanity awaits.