Sunday, 16 May 2010

Chilled Out Sunday

Since I am the last one of our lady mafia who remains both manless and childless, increasingly I find myself cast in the role of lone ranger at the weekend.

While Saturdays are all about errands, shopping, lunch with the girls (when they're free from romantic entaglements and children) and the inevitable dash of housework; Sundays are officially chill day in Casa BB. There's nothing quite as chilled as London town on a quiet Sunday morning.

Usually I go to my favourite coffee shop, order a latte and crossant, then trawl my way through a pile of papers. This week was a little different as I had my bi-weekly facial in Covent Garden.

Walking towards my train interchange I spotted VW, looking too fabulous for words, clad in a terracota brocade jacket, which clashed fashionably against her dyed red hair and then just to finish things off a simple pair of black pants.

You don't expect to see a world renowned fashion designer scurrying through a tube station, on a Sunday morning trying to keep pace with a tall swarthy looking 6 foot plus man and I had to stop myself from being super nosey and seeing where she went.

At Covent Garden, I made my way to the nearest coffee and bumped into HBC. HBC is one of those actresses who started off mega gorgeous, but as now dropped that beauty tag and replaced it with quirky bad, no that's too kind, terrible dresser.

She was wearing and this had to be seen to be believed - a black frock Victorian coat, tartan bustle skirt, scuffy white t-shirt and platform blocked black trainers -she honestly would have given a bag lady a run for their money.

Perhaps instead of employing a housekeeper, she should employ a full-time stylist methinks! Meow!

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Anonymous said...

HBC has been blessed with an exceptionally rare talent to make kitch look positively couture. Will she ever learn that less is more?

VW on the other hand is an entirely different matter. Satorial elegence personified!

Beauty comes from within and is complimented by a few well selected pieces.

Rene Elyse