Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Back Up Plan

Well the clock is well and truly ticking down all too fast on C's time at Casa BB. Somehow in the past week, we seem to have tlked more and laughed harder, both of us knowing that change is just around the corner.

When I made him laugh by talking about my latest train moment - why is it men you meet on trains are always married?

This particular magic moment had a shaven head (growl - this only ever works if the guy has a beautiful shaped head which he had!),three piece double-breasted retro, grey suit and the body of a rugby player - argh a little piece of heaven !

"He was so fit, I'll nearly wrestled him to the ground there and then", I moaned to C.

"You're the only person I know who says crazy love stuff like that, follows your heart, means it and is actually nuts enough to act on it", laughed C.

"What can I say, I'm an idiot when it comes to amour, Wrong time, wrong place, wrong person, wrong life....oh I sound like some dodgy heroine in a romance novel"

"At least, when you do me the 'Real Deal', with your extensive vocabulary and ability to talk complete crap, he'd never be bored being married to a nut job like you" he smiled.

"Thanks, is that a proposal, because if it is, that would be great as my back up plan T (one of my best guy buddies), has just got engaged to 'The Child' aka 'the Hobbit, (her nickname depends on my humour and annoyance that another great guy, has forsaken some amazing women his own age to hook up with a hot childwoman, who has an intelluct as large as my shoe size!).

Sorry T - but you know I speak the truth!

Being the mischievous minx that I am and knowing how easy it is to wind C up, I proceeded to rattle through venue, honeymoon and even dress selection, plus a five year timeline to 'our' wedding.

Watching the colour drain from his cheeks was so funny, that of course I couldn't hold my poker face too long without cracking up, something which wasn't helped by the cushion he threw at me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey BB, this was such a funny post, he clearly thinks the world of you. I certainly hope you and C stay friends. It sounds like you have made a really good friend here! I hope you both will still hang out when he moves out, friendship like this does not come easily.