Friday, 28 May 2010

Happy Friday!

OMG my new skinny flare jeans are tooo die for !! As all of you will know I am the type of woman who has to work her butt off in the gym to remain curvy but toned.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans that shows off just the right amount of junk in the trunk (if you got it, you just gotta flaunt it right!), makes my thighs look skinny and hugs my waist is no mean feat, but I was up to the job.

Finding a man who wants to go and see Sex and the City, should have been an equally hard task until S who I am meant to be dining with FBd me and asked whether I like Sex and the City.

Ever since my very first episode, when Miranda was dating a nerd called Skipper and Carrie has only just bumped into Mr Big, it was love at first episode.

I craved the shoes, the clothes, the impossibly gorgeous men and the tricky little problems the ‘girls’ encountered during their day to day lives.

Once they hit the tough stuff like infidelity when Carrie cheated on Aidan with Big (something so ridiculously stupid, because I’ll admit this actually always preferred Aidan – so hot, but also good with his hands….in the bedroom and around the house!).

Or when Samantha got cancer – ok I’ll admit it I cried when she said broke up with Smith and pretended she was over him, rather than him see her get sick.

Yes I am a die hard SATC woman. So I'm gutted to say this, though diverting, visually stunning (the clothes, the shoes, the hair, some totally gorgeous locations), it wasn't all that funny and just like so many of us have said to that new love interest - "I'm just not in to you!"

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