Monday, 31 May 2010

All Action Bank Holiday!

I always like to make the most of my Bank Holidays and today was no exception. Things began with a bang quite literally, when reaching over to my bedside table to shut off my mobile phone alarm, I managed to knock off my contacts lens case and my mobile phone.

Searching for your lost 'eyes' when you are as short sighted as I am, is like looking for the right shoe to that left shoe you managed to snag on the first day of the january sale at your favourite shoe store.

You look and look until you grab the attention of the only sales assistant in the store, bright enough to look in the other shoe size racks, to see if the one you want is there.

Five minutes later I spotted my contact lens case, nesting behind one of the bed legs. Another five minutes later and I found my mobile phone lying behind one of my underbed storage boxes.

As I stood in my still untiled showerbath - (my friend's Dad who was originally going to do the job, didn't work out quite as well as I wanted, so I've found another builder who starts work next week - God help me - I'm going through as many builders as I do dates!), trying desperately to wake up, I remembered that I was supposed to be having lunch with A at 1, I had to pick up LMM's birthday present and I still had to pick up the floor tiles for the bathroom.

The present was a doodle (No, I can't tell you what it is as LMM reads my blog!) lunch with A was great - she's in the process of making some massive changes in both her work and personal life and is doing great with both.

Which just left me with the visit to the DIY store.

There are many things that bug me about being single - not having access to oversized t-shirts that look better on me than him. Not having anyone to share the Sunday papers with, while it's still Sunday - C always reads the reminants the day after; and waking up beside a hot looking grumpy man who hates the fact that I'm super happy in the morning, when he's not.

The one thing that definitely turns me into a moany Minnie - is doing my own DIY and having to pick up the supplies to do it.

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but that's what guys are supposed to do. C was at his sister's place recovering from Eurovision Song party and S (my other favourite toolbox guy) has only just come back from the Far East.

So it was with a heavy heart, that I found myself el solo stalking up and down the aisles checking out tiles.

Having decided upon my choice, I went off in search of a friendly assistant to take my order, be charming to - so he could cut me a good deal and maybe even get everything delivered free. Well if you don't ask you don't get!

As soon as F turned around and gave me a rather cheeky smile, when I mentioned I wanted a discount, I realised that there are some fringe benefits to DIY!

20 mins later, I had everything I wanted including the added bonus on the back of receipt order, of his phone numbers (landline and mobil) at the bottom of it. Result!

It was all going really well, until he let slip he was in his second year at university and still living at home with his mum. Arrrr..... maybe I should get him to come across to mine for some 1:1 tuition.....only joking....or am I? I'll see how the rest of my week goes!

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