Monday, 28 June 2010

All Coming Up Roses

No I'm not missing in action ! Your favourite diva has been nesting. Yes, the building work at BB Towers is finally finished.

To match my gleaming new bathroom, I now have a beautiful floorboard laden living room, coated in a light mink colour on its walls and showcasing that beautiful mirror of mine.

The house now truly feels like mine. Light, glamourous,sexy as hell and so delicious I feel almost naughty living in it.

Watching all the dust flying round and rubbish rapidly amassing in my garden, has given me the opportunity to downsize. It's amazing how much of a hoarder I am. I have birthday cards from primary school, dresses I wore at secondary school and way too many shoes.

I swear the more stuff that went on my rubbish tip the lighter I felt. I even found the Cosmic Ordering List, Mr Scotland made in the days when we actually fancied each other.

That single sheet of paper said every about what was important to him. It reads:

1 I want a big house by the sea (that one I agreed with - living by the sea would be amazing and I am going to make that happen for me one day!
2. I want an Aston Martin (great car for a sexy single boy).
3 I want to be my own boss (he is sooooo right about that one!)
4. I want to own a restaurant (in our two years together he never cooked once!)
5. I want a flat in London overlooking the Thames (nice, but not practical for a family).
6. I want a house in San Sebastion(Wow this boy was obsessed by property!).
7. I want to publish a book.
8. I want to be able to speak French, Spanish and Italian (he'd buy the DVD's play them for a week then not use them again!).
9. I want to be fit (he was a tubby little so and so, but very funny when he wanted to be).
10. I want to be a good cook (see point 4)
11. I want to throw famous parties (who doesn't, but few can actually rise to occasion.
12. I want to own Celtic and then have them win the Champions League(yeah right!)

Nowhere on that list is there any mention of being happy, having a family, making a good life for himself and others. It's no wonder we came to such a sticky ending.

However, there is one thing to be learnt from him men do speak the truth, we just sometimes choose not to hear them. Unlike say Hottie, aka the one who broke my heart, there isn't a day that goes by, that I'm not relieved that I didn't end up with Mr Scotland.

Material things and the acquirement of them are all well and good, but you need someone to share them with. Preferably someone who isn't with you, just for your wallet.

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