Monday, 6 September 2010

Morning Glory

While my weekend may have been a quiet one, this week has already begun with several bangs.

I walked into the office in time to hear R recounting the tale of her not so magical road trip with the girls to Scotland. It ended on a ultimate low, when the 'tour guide' for the group evicted her own coach party at 3 am in the morning, for not being "more enthusastic" about her tour !

My favourite office crush DB is in the office, looking like a buttoned down Geography teacher, in a white shirt, Simon Cowell like jeans (why do some men not know where their waists are?) and a cotton Gap blazer, which should be all wrong, but makes him look totally gorgeous none the less.

Before you all throw your arms up in horror, don't worry I'm not regressing into my bad bitch ways. DB is strictly hands off eye candy.

As with every eligible guy I have met recently, he is of course completely unobtainable - being happily hooked up with a super hot girlfriend who has given him two super cute children

Also, because after Hottie, I learnt my lesson about peeing in my own backyard with someone who's already taken. Great for them. Rubbish for me and a completely uncool way to behave, by someone who's always banging on about wanting the real deal !

He is however so distracting that I am still recovering from our last department update which was done via video conference.

Despite the fact that he was wearing my favourite hot man uniform of a tight t-shirt and jeans, I surprised myself in being able, not only to string together multiple sentences during my business update, I also knew what the hell I was talking about - result!

I admit I enjoyed the guilty pleasure of staring at him for 90 minutes without him being able to see me, as I aimed the camera our end at S.

S, our IT guru has been sweetness and light today. The best mood he's been in, in about the last two weeks - he's now back to his normal self, which is basically a smiley smartarse. It's so good to have him back on form!

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