Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tenants and Newbies

Finding a new tenant is going pants. As you all know initially I was underwhelmed when C moved in, but he ended up becoming a really good friend (yes, we still talk, but he won't let me blog about him!)

Little did I know how hard it would be to replace him. In the last few days I've interviewed a DJ who wanted to take over the shed so he could play his decks. A student who wants to leave home and was looking forward to sitting on my sofa on her day off to'veg' while she watches daytime TV and the most scary one....a lady who was looking for a 'lovenest' for her and her boyfriend who her family hate.

Obviously my search goes on...

MC's replacement has joined us. She seems nice enough, but from the contact I've had with herself so far,I am hoping that she'll spark up asap, otherwise I am going to have to stick some more tunes on my ipod.
Oh how I miss S and J !

And what of MC, well just as I predicted he's another JO.

"That's a shame, because you two got on so well" said E.

"No it's not!" I said laughing.

"He's young, ambitious and he's got a life. Why look behind him, when he got everything in front of him. That's fair play in my book. him".

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