Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Trouble with Ms Jones

I am feeling more than a little put out by newspaper columnist Liz Jones, who has taken it upon herself to heap criticism for the second week running in her column, on that ultimate diva Beyonce aka Ms B, about her latest image reinvention, courtesy of a blonde weave.

"I wrote last week about her awful, straight, obviously false blonde hair - which looks even worse in this photograph - taken as she left the Hotel Costes in Paris over Easter.

This hotel is very gloomy inside, so perhaps she couldn’t find her comb. But this week I take issue with her Andy Pandy-style dungarees by Roland Mouret."

So in the space of what two paragraphs Ms Jones ‘dissed’ the multi-talented, too gorgeous for words Ms B in her opinion sporting bad hair and having a questionable dress sense.

Let's not forget that last week, Ms Jones spouted a cack-handed opinion about the 'effect' of Beyonce 'whitening herself up' on her young black audience, as she attempts to hold onto her hard won crossover audience.

Right about now is where I take my gloves off !

Just for the record Ms Jones, who died and made you the Head of the Audience Diversity and Good Taste Police Forces?

You are a 50 something woman whose current main claim to fame is - writing a column about your rather sad life, which was only ever really exciting when your way too young now ex-husband, serially cheated on you.

Any normal person would have dealt with this paintful,private matter behind closed doors, but you seemed to almost relish broadcasting your news to the world; like some avenging martyr harpy.

Even now having overcome the trauma of divorce and miraculously found someone else who wants to date you (God help him, for the man must be a saint!), once again you can't stop yakking on about it, even when he expressly told you to STOP !

I also write about my life, but the minute someone in my life tells me

"I'd rather you didn't share that",

I respect their wishes and stop. I’m not some sort of saint, but I have learnt that sometimes over-sharing can hurt the innocent.

There is no disputing that Ms Jones is undoubtedly a very talented, often touching writer, whose column I have enjoyed, but now it seems the milk of human kindness appears to have deserted her.

To her claim that Beyonce is slowly alienating her young black audience to connect with her crossover audience - Excuse me !

Forgive me for being so bold, but I can guarantee you aren't her target audience Ms Jones ! Even in these image focused times, if as Ms B does, someone markets themselves as a diva with a voice and who delivers consistently via live or recorded performance, wants to dress any darned way they please, either for themselves or their audience's viewing pleasure, then that their prerogative !

Instead bitching about the much younger, more talented Ms B, Ms Jones, why don't you just get and live your own life? I know your column is supposed to initiate debate and sometimes be downright confrontational, but really is this the best you can come up with?

Your hater ramblings are unnecessary and it’s just the type of cheat shot, gutter journalism that I don't expect from a once influential women's editor, who walked the line alone, on then unspeakable issues like super skinny models, long before it was 'fashionable' to do so.

It seems your column 'Liz Jones Moans' is aptly titled !!

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