Thursday, 7 April 2011

What Price Love ?

I am as everyone knows a hopeless romantic ! Despite all of my love hangups, I truly believe that there must be some mad man out there for me.

However, sometimes we are attracted to people who are bad for us. Last night I got a call from one of my best friends.

I can't go into detail because I gave her my 'no blogging promise' (it's either that or I'll end up with no confidences or friends!), but our conversation took me to the question

Why is someone that is logically 'bad' for us, so darned attractive?

Is it the denial element - we want something we can't have or is it simply a case of wilting willpower ?

I am the original 'Chemistry Queen' - that elusive spark has led me to do crazy things and pursue guys who had toxic branded on them and in their defence, guys who promised, offered and gave me absolutely nothing, despite my very best efforts.

Hell I even dated an alcoholic for a while - which is ridiculous as I am tee-total. In that instance I ignored what was blindingly obvious to everyone except me. Love. Lust. Raw emotion can only take you so far, before reality bites.

I get soulmates. I get electric chemistry. I get being gripped by a violent passion or an overwhelming sexual desire for someone. To be with them. To get wrapped up in the excitement of their touch.

But not if it means that the sacrifice made to attain it, is essentially one-sided and potentially self destructive in terms of your emotional well being and in some instances even your livelihood.

When love is right it can be one of the most powerful emotions in the universe, but that power can easily become diluted and destructive if you forget to protect yourself and base your love in practicality and reality.

Not every great passion is destined to end in a fairy tale.

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