Friday, 2 September 2011

End Of A Good Week

Things are most definitely looking up at last. I have a tenant - yahoo ! However she is broken-hearted...yes you've guessed it.. man trouble. Even when I am not involved with them 1 on 1 somehow a man always crops up in my divashphere.

She ran me through the relationship car wreck, including the obligatory heartbreak diet results. She's lost 7lbs in a week and developed a love of sad songs. I talked her down from the ledge that is Celine and Whitney and helpfully steered her away from Adele.

On the work front I have truly become a 100% freelance diva. Met with a client this week, full of social media ideas to help push their business. They left happy, I was Miss smiley face and I never felt more comfortable. It was the boost I needed to prove to myself that I am on the right track.

My best laugh of the week came from a junior client facing RA I spoke to who naively asked me.

"Why so many people were moving over to Community Manager roles?"

Bless her little heart, I could so easily have taken her through the basics of the explosion of social media in business in the past five years, but just like Bambi's face when his mum brought it, I didn't want to shatter that innocence !

Miss P called with news of an immiment beauty SOS package she is sending me from my 'Sliding Doors'(movie reference!!) home NY. I actually yelped like some over excited puppy, when she ran through the contents. I may be living on fresh air at the moment, but it doesn't mean I don't want to look fabulous while I'm doing it!

Man update for week ending September 2nd - I have a faux date (my name for any shared man time not written in stone, as opposed to the usual sand for me!) with the rather delicious MC, when he gets back from his latest business trip.

Expectation of it taking place and us getting usual with me watch this space !

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