Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sliding Doors

Today was beyond pants. I have had a cold for the last three days which is making me mega grumpy as I hate being sick.

Added to this, I was late (unheard of for me, as I am obsessed about being on time for anything work related!) for a permanent (freelance = unwanted limbo for me, scary beyond belief in this economic climate!) interview by a staggering 17 minutes !

Why - Transport for London (I missed all my connections and I mean every single one by literally nano seconds!).

Then when I finally got in the right area, I got wrong directions from 3 different people (two iphone assisted!), along with two other people who were adamnant, that the street I was looking for only existed in Soho (honestly this is London, every street has a twin somewhere!)and you might as well have pretty much written off my day.

Just to seal my miserable bad luck, I found that I had completely missed the map that my interviewer had helpfully attached on two previous emails and you could say the interview gods deserted me today along with the 'Give BB a break' fairies.

Fortunately, my interviewer was compassion enough to see me mortification, and after teasing me about my inability to notice email attachements, very kindly agreed to see me anyway.

The outcome is of course a TBC, as seems to be the case with every single business encounter I am involved in at, but I'm the moment.

However, I am hoping that my unintentionally unique 'how not to make a good first impression at an interview', at the very least makes me a memorable candidate !

We shall see and can all of us keep our fingers crossed please !

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