Sunday, 25 September 2011

Off the Text Radar 2

Without much effort at all, Off the Text Radar (OTTR) man has become 'He's Just Not Into You' guy.

I had pretty much resigned myself to our faux date not happening after the text message, until yesterday evening.

"Hi B. Up for a few drinks tomorrow?"

I was with S at the time, who said OTTR's previous no text response, was a guy thing and I should go along anyway.

So I replied, coolly saying that I was going to be in town anyway (which I was!) and suggested meeting at a central bar, at a reasonable time for a lazy Sunday.

"Ok see you then" , was his reply.

"What's your gut instinct about this guy?" asked S.

"Expect nothing from the date and a definite we'll see moment",I replied.

My instincts weren't wrong.

This morning, just before my hot yoga class OTTR texted.

"Hi B. Sorry I have to cancel today sorry. Let's try some evening or next weekend"

I rest my case unfortunately.

Why oh why do some men and (because I'm not some crazed dating feminist, who thinks that all dating crimes are committed solely by men!) women, behave in this way?

What does it say to your date, when you can't be bothered to turn up and you tell them the news via text! You can't even extend them the curtesy of a phone call. If you don't know I'll tell you it's rude!

A telephone call means some form of justification has to be offered for your absence, and if you're a crap liar, possible exposure.

Fortunately, an old hand like moi can read it for what it is - 'He's Just Not Into To Me', or more accurately, can't be bothered to be.

Cancelling is cool with me. I don't want to force anyone to spend time with me, if it's a chore for them or they're too busy, but really why all the smoke and mirrors?

Just say you changed your mind and, man (or) woman up !

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