Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Off The Text Radar !

So it's lucky I wasn't too excited about the faux date, because of course it's off or as I like to call it he's dropped off the text radar.

We last talk texted (both ways!)on Friday. Nothing crazy just how our weeks' were and where to meet for the faux date. He said he was back in the UK on Tuesday and was also moving flat.

So yesterday I texted in the evening:

"Hope you had a good trip and good luck with your flat move"

Response....nothing !

Bearing in mind I have learnt over the years, through my vast rubbish dating experience (surely, I must be close to a lifetime achievement award by now?) that over texting your love interest, is akin to revealing bunny boiler tendencies, I thought that my text was friendly and polite.

Clearly he thought otherwise....ho hum!

Expect nothing as a dating diva and you will never be surprised or disappointed in love.

I have had one brilliant breakthrough so far this week. Monday was H's birthday(I know it's rubbish that I can still remember it!), but I didn't wail or get mournful about what might have been.

I just wished him a Happy Birthday (No I didn't call him, or email him (that would have been pathetic and besides I did that last year - just the email ok?).

I just said 'Happy Birthday H' aloud when I woke up, and then I let it go. I knew that he would be having an amazing time with his family and above all he's happy :0), which is all I ever wanted him to be.

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