Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The List

So I now have two clients. Following the beginners guide to being a freelance, I have offered my services so low that even I can afford to hire myself.

I've been pretty discplined about getting work done, networking like my life depends on it and taking lots of risks in approaching just about anyone.

Slowly, but surely my list of contacts is growing (mainly at snail pace...but then this is not a race and its quality not quantity as my Mum always says !)

Phase 2 is revisiting my other blog (the beauty one!) and making sure it is updated with all the daily lessons I've been learning on this one and via Twitter, Facebook, Mashable etc...etc.

Every day is like some crazy new adventure. What's been lovely is the sense of community you get from being online. Working in isolation as I am pretty much most of the time now, there's nothing like some encouraging words or advice to give you a little virtual high five boost !

My day continued on a high five with the receipt of an email confirming my concert tickets to Adele are, as I speak winging their way to me. I brought them so long ago, that I had almost forgotten about them!

MC and I are now playing text tennis, which is entertaining, and a tad confusing...why text when you can talk? Arrrr... my days of trying to understand men has taught me....as of about 10mins ago....nothing!

The countdown to our faux date continues !

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