Thursday, 22 September 2011

All Hail Adele !

As anyone who regularly follows my blog knows, I initially started the blog to chart my notoriously pants lovelife.

Realising quite quickly that I wasn't half as amusing or interesting as Carrie Bradshaw and her pals, I expanded it to include more general content about my life, friends, family and other stuff !

The soundtrack to my blog which I write to, used to be just pop, jazz and soul music, usually accompanied or interrupted by girlie gossip and food or the heartbreak diet depending on the state of my lovelife. New favourites were pretty rare, until Adele sang her way into my heart.

Tonight I finally saw her in concert with my BF Aisha. Adele was in her own potty mouthed way 'freaking amazing'!

Appearing first as a backlit silhouette singing Hometown Glory, her actual appearance onstage practically blew the roof off the Royal Albert Hall, with mass applause from a very appreciative audience.

I have to admit I just about made it through Turning Tables (arguably my favourite track off '21'), without turning into a tear puddle, due to some hilarious pre-song banter from Adele regarding her ex partner who she wrote the song about.

Between song banter is a talent sadly lacking in some of the world's biggest music stars, which means when you come across gold star quality banter, which is exactly what Adele has in spades,you can't help but lap it up.

She is side splittingly funny, without being crude, nasty or harsh. Refreshingly honest about her mistakes in life and in particular with men.

We loved it. Nodding in agreement at those 'crappy' empathetic romantic moments that we've all experienced and laughing with her, about her mock diva outbursts. For someone who's known for singing sad songs, this lady is anything but that.

She sang all her hits - Chasing Pavements,Don't You Remember, Rumour Has It to name a few,and a few covers - Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me and the Cure's Lovesong, all of which were interwoven with her infectious personality and funny stories.

Her tone was beautiful, rich, warm and effortless. Her pitch was unbelievable, especially as she explained that she was recently recovered from a respiratory problem. She gave it her all, even restarting one song, because she felt she hadn't nailed the beginning of it correctly.

Poignantly she paid tribute to Amy Winehouse by dedicating Make You Feel My Love, to her. Her beautiful rendition was heightened by the lights being dimmed, everyone switching their phone lights on at her request, while a blanket of lit stars spiralled around the hall, bouncing off a huge mirrored ball in the centre of it.

She saved Someone Like You, until the end and was just as electrifying as her now famous Brit Awards performance. We sang the chorus back to her twice and just like she did at the Brits, the love in the hall for her, moved both her and quite a lot of us to tears.

Fortunately, she came back out for an encore of Rolling In the Deep, which had everyone on their feet dancing and clapping. Adele left the stage, exactly as she arrived, to the sound of an audience, besotted by her voice, now in love with her humour and humility.

If you get the chance to go and see her, take my advice and do it !

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