Friday, 26 June 2009

Jacko Checks Out !

Where were you when the King of Pop died – well at the Stag actually. I was still smiling about Rob’s woes when I turned on the TV and heard the news that Michael Jackson was dead. When someone you know dies, you deal with it in the best way you know how. When a living legend dies like JFK or Elvis you tend to remember where you were.

Watching the news updates full of ‘the fight to save his life’ and celebrity eulogies about how this ex-child genius lost his childhood to become a star, then superstar and ultimately the King of Pop.

I was struck, by how important it is for us all to live for the moment and remember that our actions can have amazing impacts on others. All the crazy coverage of his plastic surgery, test tube children, chimps, marriages, fairytale homes and numerous courts cases had until yesterday, publicly blighted a career which outstripped others; beginning in poverty of the projects and ending up as the global phenomena he became.

He could sing, dance, write hits songs, inspire and captivate audiences of all ages. Now how many of us could do that ?

RIP the King of Pop - Long Live your musical legacy!

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