Saturday, 27 June 2009

The One Where I'm Finally Done with Internet Dating

Ok, I concede defeat - I have just removed my profile from my I didn't do it in a fit of temper or in the unlikely miracle that I might have found a boyfriend., I did it because I have had enough of the false hopes, that it raises everytime i get involved with it, by investing my efforts and emotions in trying to conect with someone new.

It takes balls to repeatedly put yourself out there on the dating frontline. It is disappointing when a person can't even be bothered to reply to your e-mail or even acknowledge you exist. You change your pictures, update your profile until you've bored yourself and your poor friends stupid. You start to doubt whether you are such a great catch, particularly when that little notice flashes up to say someone you liked has met someone but of course it's not you.

What finally pushed me to giving up once and for all with dating sites was S2. Unlike Curry boy (who actually called me today - no apology, no excuse just a why don't we meet for coffee, or a drink or something!), S2 was politely upfront.

In his final e-mail to me, he thanked me for answering his request for advice on making his work life balance better (I kid you not) then compassionately delivered the news that after just three days of emails, his heart lies elsewhere (another lady from the site).

He also confirmed that he had. had loads of responses which has boosted his confidence from lots of lovely ladies like myself, and since he has decided to give things a go with his hopefully perfect match, he just wanted to let me know, so I could find someone else who was interested in me.

He even joked that if it turned out to be a nightmare first date (how unlucky would you have to be to end up with one of those), he might just be back in touch. Well thank you S2 - nice to know that you see me as a possible stand-in or back-up plan B.

I feel like crap. Total crap........if even the nice guys want to connect and date anyone other then me, then why the hell should I bother. I'm done with internet dating, in fact screw dating!.

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