Friday, 24 September 2010

Blown Out and Check Out My New Coat !

You know you are looking mighty fine, when not only your work colleagues tell you, you look great, but the hottest gay man in the office says you look fierce and classy. This was exactly how hot I was looking yesterday, when the Frenchman stood me up.

Long-standing readers of my musings, know that H has left me with a complete aversion for any man who can't be bothered to show up. It is just pain rude!

If you don't even have the balls to come up with a plausible excuse (H never did, bless him he was such a crap liar), then it is particularly galling.

In this instance, I texted TF to say I was running 10 mins late, due to my last meeting of the day over-running. When I got to the station, he had replied:

"Holy moly BB. I am myself stuck in a meeting with CEO and may have to cancel".

"May have to cancel"
5 minutes before the start of the proposed date, is in any serial daters' book really means 'I am cancelling', without actually saying it. Why some men do this, still remains one of life's great mysteries to me.

"What a shame. Let's save toing and froing and just raincheck. How about we try the weekend?" was my response.

Note I resonded positively, without a hinto of annoyance (life's too short!) leaving the ball firmly in his court. By the time, I got off at my station, my phone had still not bleeped.

Fortunately, my days of berating myself when dates or non-dates as this turned out, go tits up are long over. Where men are concerned nothing about their behaviour, on any level, surprises me anymore.

I did what any hard core fashionista does in the face of mild annoyance, I went shopping.

I returned three hours later to Casa BB with a gorgeous new grey wool winter coat, purple clutch bag and matching gloves - truly fabulous !

As for the TF - still no word - I have of course deleted his number from my phone.


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