Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The One Where I Act Like A Twit, But A Friend Trumps Me!

While T is in Barbados sunning himself with his soon to be child bride, I've been running the show and thought I was doing well. That is until I sent a peppy well done note/work more closely your new colleague note better to the entire team instead of our TA.

It was R who broke the news to me. First I thought she was joking and then as I hit my sent box, the colour drained from my cheeks (which is no easy task when you're a sista!). A recall message moment failed miserably, so I apologised to both of the ladies the email was directed at, then ranted for a bit.

Until J pipped up and told me in no uncertain terms to

"Get over it. It was a mistake That's what you'd say to me, if I'd done it".

She was of course spot on and I ended my hysterics like a child who had just been sent to the naughty step.

I managed to avoid making any further mistakes for the rest of the day. Gave FF the kiss off, and VA the green light - why is changing gyms always so traumatic? I was distracted by a text from B

B and I met up at the weekend for a latte and a dose of BB dating advice - I'm great at dishing it out, crap at taking it!

I told her to play it cool with the of her affections and that included staying mellow at the weekly after hours department drink.

I thought she'd listened until this little gem on my phone

"Umm I apparently told anyone exactly what I wanted to do to him in explicit detail"

"OMG!" I bounced back "Well at least I don't have to tell him for you. Don't freak out and just talk to him like normal. It will all blow over!".

"I resigned" she replied. It wasn't accepted by her boss thank goodness !

I laughed my socks off, as she told me everything.

"Don't be so hard on yourself babe. We've all done it. Lust makes you crazy and love dries you nuts"

"Ain't that the truth!"

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