Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tough Day !

If you think you've got it tough with your boss and as you all know I've been there (HWMBO rooting through my desk to find something incriminating to tell me off about the next day remains a landmark in my former PA career!); then spare a thought for R. While wrestling a terminally jammed photocopier, her boss asked her to come and see him.

"I'm just sorting out the printer" she replied chirpily.

"Don't worry" he said I'll come to you" and in the blink of an eye he was beside her at the photocopier, complete with his laptop ready to resolve his query.

I've heard of multi-tasking, but that is taking things to a whole new level. We laughed as we wondered what would have happened if she said she was off to the loo. Would he have followed her laptop in hand !

Back at our bank of desk Ms Thang, who has been surprisingly quiet of late pipped up with a complete faux pas, which which all of our jaws drop.

As you all know not only am I fabulous, I am also a diva who loves to eat. I am happy to say despite my love of food, I have remained, due to some pretty hardcore sessions at the gym in good shape, but this wasn't always the case.

At school I was one of the fat kids for a couple of terms. Before I discovered exercise,I discovered the ultimate quick fix - throwing up.

It wasn't a full on addiction like it is for so many other woman, it was just something I like to pull out (pardon the pun! once in a while when I was feeling like a beached whale.

After Ms Thang innocently mentioned that she had made a biscuit last for three days (totally weird in my my book and for me a physical impossibility!) I couldn't resist making a quip.

"Next you'll be telling is that you got rid of it via the finger down the throat exit".

"Actually" she said straight faced " I used to do that" .

Wow. If that's what she did after eating a cookie that lasted for three days, what the hell did she do after a proper meal ?

"I hope you still don't do that. Because you know it really isn't healthy or cool " I fired back.

"No" she said measuredly enough not to be totally convincing.

Who said being beautiful was easy ?

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