Friday, 17 September 2010

Friends Unreunited !

Two close friends is the average price you pay for falling in love, scientists have discovered.

Research has shown that when people start a new romantic relationship they are likely to lose two members of their inner circle of friends.

One is sacrificed to make way for the new partner, and the other disappears due to being ignored for too long, scientists believe.

I haven't mentioned G lately, because she's now in the file marked ex-friends,due to a love affair (hers not mine)and her recently standing me up (I waited an hour for her - unheard of for me as I have the attention span of a nat!).

When she first hooked up with The Fool, it was like a car crash Romeo and Juliet. ou When they were happy it was like a Disney movie soaked in honey, but when they were fighting it was like the horror movie you want to leave before the ending.

Consequently, I got a really negative impression of him, which wasn't improved by his habit of calling me to intervene when they had some of their worst fights and then when I finally met him - a real non-event. I just couldn't see what she saw in him.

When things hit the skids at work with HWMBO,I withdrew to figure out what to do next. G wasn't impressed.

"You know that is something I do, when I don't know what I'm confused and I really don't know what to do next", I told her.

"I've been so angry with you", G replied.

"Well let's catch up probably and have a good gossip" I said.

That was three weeks ago. She stood me up. Then I heard nothing from her for two weeks until this text message.

"I'm really ashamed I stood you up. I forgot and went up North (to see the Fool). Sorry"

"No worries, coffee's on you next time" I replied, not wanting to waste negative energy bitching. We clearly have different perceptions of what's right and when I'm ashamed of something I've done, I'm the first person to put my hands up and call myself a jerk.

Deafening silence from G.

My friends know that I am old school, loyal and non-judgemental because I mess up regularly, usually in quite spectacular fashion(my career (until recently!),my love life (when sparks into occasional life!).

I totally love my friends and even if I'm not physically there, I've still got their backs.

But I have never put a man before my friends and family - it is the ultimate recipe for disaster.

So good luck G. I hope the Fool is worth it! I really do for your sake.

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