Monday, 6 September 2010

There's A Reason Why Men Have Balls

The great thing about being a serial dater is that you that are required to be brave - talking to strangers believe it or not is not a hobby of mine,but having run out of friends of friends, blind dates and wedding hook-ups, it has become a necessity.

It also makes you get real about what you are looking for. After all who wants invest their time and energy into the wrong person?

Unlike a lot of women online my profile is pretty neutral. I don't give a checklist of physical attributes and essential personality quirks, I just say I'm looking for the real deal, a man who is happy in his own skin, not a player and open to a relationship.

In the last two weeks, I have been viewed by 132 men. I have received 67 responses which would probably be flattering if it won't for the quality of the respondees!

I am blown away by the self delusion of some men who truly believe they are the real deal, even when they are most definitely not!

I have been contacted by old men, fat men, sexual freaks (one guy begged me to be his bitch and I could smack him whenever I liked! Ugh!), young bucks(18 is jailbait in my book) and the bitter divorcees - not just the domain of the female of the species !

While I may not appreciate the fish currently trying to swim in my pond, I do admire their balls. Unlike so many women who self sensor themselves, when connecting guys, these guys are so super confident and have a "who dares win" vibe going on that you can't help but admire their spirit.

Take yesterday, I spotted a mountain of joy called J whose witty profile, matched his picture and grabbed my attention.

It took me 20 mins to make up my mind to contact him. Then another 10 mins to come up with what I thought was a great hello email. His reponse was to view my profile, read my email and then go offline!

I concluded this was not a love match ! And moved on or I thought. I then spent 10 mins wondering whether my smartarse introduction was just a little too sassy and whether it was time to update my profile picture for the second time in the last two weeks, as dare I say it myself at the moment, I think I look pretty darned hot my profile picture!

One latte restored my balance and I had to laugh at the fact that my first response was to turn on myself and question both the physical and mental sides of me. I need to grow some bigger balls!

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