Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The One With The Cheeky Sod

I may be off the sites, but it seems the ghosts of my online dating past aren't quite ready to let go of me yet.

On my personal email I received the following:

"Hi BB, I was wondering if you are around to grab a drink this week. Would love to see you. DG -x- "

I thought long and hard as to just who DG was, then noticing his rather distinctive email address used my search function to find out more.

Sure enough one of his emails had a dating site profile attached to it and I instantly remembered him as being on of last year's 'No Show Romeos' aka guys who seem super keen, press you to meet up and then not only don't show, but disappear completely afterwards.

In this particular instance I waited 20 mins for him, which is double my usual "I think I'm going be stood up"landing slot, as he had actually seemed like a decent guy, with a genuinely funny sense of humour and take on life in general.

I couldn't resist replying:

"Dear DG,

Lovely to hear from you but a tad surprised. You really must learn to keep a better count of the ladies you email.

Just to refresh your memory. You contacted me last year, asking to meet up for a drink and didn't show up. You also didn't call afterwards. Not classy or very nice.

Hope you are well though.


Surprise, surprise he hasn't replied !!

I appreciate the whole scattergun effect some men adopt to dating, but at least have the sense not to make a return trip to a love stop you've already driven by.

It makes you look like a hopeful fool !

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