Saturday, 17 March 2012

Birthday Blues!

Happy BirthdayImage via WikipediaSo how was my birthday yesterday?

Well there comes a time when you realise that birthdays are really for children and teenage hotties and I think that time has arrived for me.

So how was mine yesterday ? - Quiet. Almost like a wake in terms of fun and entertainment, but since I wasn't really feeling the moment, I couldn't have hoped for much more.

I don't know if I was still feeling flat from the gig no...apparently I was amazing, but needed some more hardcore hands on experience. 

If anyone knows how you get experience, without manging to secure a yes from people who can give you said additional experience, please pop your answers on a postcard to me !  Honestly there must be some mysterious in-between stage that I'm missing.

My b-day cards came from my parents and my best friends, a sure fire sign I need to step things up on the social front again :0 )

I spent an hour on the phone catching up with A, who I haven't spoken too in ages and actually gave me a mega boost and I agreed to meet up with L next week. My re-entry into society is on track.

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