Monday, 12 March 2012

Standing Up

Swearing's for Art StudentsImage via WikipediaI have increasingly worried by the “I didn’t see anything” vibe, that seems to be taking over London at the moment, that is until today, when I saw a guy stand up and be counted with practically no support from his peers.

I was sitting in the library skimming my way through yet more pitch research, when a man (JA for Jackarse) at the end of the role starting swearing loudly.

The guy (MI Mr intervention) sat directly beside him, told him to stop asking him why he was using such foul language and wasn’t he ashamed of himself. JA responded by raising the volume and swearing even louder.

You would have though MI who was actually quite a small guy, who was on crutches no less, would back down, but he didn’t repeating what he had said previously and throwing in a Daphne and Celeste ‘You’re Ugly’ taunt as well.

As the JA moved towards him, red and spluttering, looking ready to punch his lights out, suddenly a lady librarian moved into the fray, along with would you believe it another mini hero ready to take a stand. During the whole time, the rest of the library looked on.

It took a firm barked “Can you just leave please!” from a lady librarian, to finally make the JA turn away and me telling MI, to just let it go and stop yelling insults at JA, as the escalator thankfully, took him away from us down to the next level.

And where was security ? – They showed up 10 minutes after everything had kicked off. A guy who had earlier tried to engage me in a rather feeble ‘What’s your name princess?’ moment (I wasn’t going there!), bounced across and started banging on about how brave I was !

“Well I would have been wasting my time, if I was waiting on you to step up, wouldn’t I?” I answered.

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