Saturday, 3 March 2012

Home Truths

Lunch with SN was just what the Love Dr ordered. We caught up over lunch and as usual he didn't mince his words about my latest love hangover.

"You would think having behaved like such an arse to you, in the way he broke up with you, before he even tried talking to you to get some sort of friendship going, he would at the very, very least apologise. You know that little word 'Sorry' wouldn't have gone amiss".

"I couldn't agree more", I said swiftly dissecting another piece of chicken and blending it with my coleslaw and my rather yummy spare ribs gravy.

"He's clearly having a tough time at the moment and just wants to hook up with the last squeeze who made him feel good. I'm just glad you're not buying it.  He's an idiot. It would be different if he would just own his shit, but he actually thinks he can pick up where he left off. It just doesn't make any sense !"

It's funny how sometimes you can mull things over in your head, but it doesn't feel real or solid until someone else says so.  I'm sticking to my guns.

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