Friday, 23 March 2012

Sex, Lies and That Videotape

Hot FussHot Fuss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I hate to say it but all of this fuss surrounding Tulisa's Contostavlos sex tape, is not really news, or anything new for that matter.

Remember High School Musical Vanessa Hudgens naked pictures sent to her ex?

Or serial attention seeker and celebrity wannabe Imogen Thomas's accidentally on purpose 'leaked' sex tape; which she reminded us all about today.

Many moons ago, my first real boyfriend asked whether he could take some nude photographs of me for an 'art project' he was working on.

Just like Tulisa and her rat ex DJ Ultra (Ultra what ? Ultra  user, loser or just an arsehole?) I loved him. Actually I worshipped the ground he walked on.

First out of plain old fashioned lust (he was a ridiculously handsome lad :0 ).

Then, out of pathetic gratitude for him choosing me over the other campus hotties, who seemed to know his entire timetable backwards and didn't stop trying it on with him, despite them knowing we were an item.

Lovestruck or not, I said no and kept on saying no. There was something in the back of my mind that made me ask myself, how I would feel if say my parents or someone I didn't know ever got hold of those pictures. 

As it was, we broke up about six months later and aside from a cardigan I left at his place one night, that's all he had left of me.

Don't get me wrong I'm no prude and I can be just as naughty as the next woman, particularly when I'm loved up, but laying yourself open to the mercy of an ex-beau, who you may or may not be on friendly terms with is not a risk I think you should have to face.

Tulisa's initital reaction to the 'rumour' about the tape's existence was to deny, deny.

Then after legal (an attempted injunction against the tape being released online - which failed) and PR advice, (she denied it, her record label denied it) she finally decided to come clean about her filmed 'intimate moment' with a YouTube appeal to her public.

That appeal may well have saved her X Factor job, but by first lying about the tape, she has effectively labelled herself a liar and that 'good girl from the hood' persona she's harnessed during her ascent to fame, is now shredded.

I personally don't give a damn about what Tulisa does in her bedroom and I don't think anyone else should either, but like it or not as part of N Dubz and now as X Factor judge and budding solo artist, by default Tulisa has become a role model, created by the media and the hype machine that surrounds her.

Good girls and bad girls can get caught out by a smooth talking devil, but ultimately, it's up to us to own and deal with any potentially bad situations, to act with intelligence and foresight, and not be 'persuaded' that the way to keep things 'fresh' with your special someone is to do with your clothes off, on camera.
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