Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Day New BB

Encouragent has come to me from unlikely quarters and people. Twitter continues to be a source of information and support. Last night a lovely recruiter in Los Angeles DMd me with words of encouragement and the offer to brainstorm with me and look at ways to help me move forward.

So this morning I awoke with the determination to put aside yesterday's meltdown and woke ready to put myself out there again, namely in front of yet another agency.  I also sweetened the end of the my day by going to see my Pop.

As I filled out a 9 page registration form, that asked me to restate all the information that is already down in black and white detail on my cv, which this agency already has, plus references and bizarrely the contact details of my next of kin.

I'm not sure how likely it is that I would injure myself or fall ill on a temporary contract assignment, but you never know !  I could accidentally fall awkwardly on a biro or trip on a stapler or maybe inflame my fingers and wrists after an extended bout of report typing !  You just never know.

I totted the number of agencies I am with now and its....a lot ! A testament to my inability to deal with the boredom of not working.  It is like slow Chinese torture for a grapher like moi, to have nothing to do, no places to go to and way to few prospect meetings to prepare for.

It's also completely nuts and in a weird way, quite a funny indication of the numbers game that exists among agencies at the moment. However, bad things are I've never regarded myself as a number and fortunately the latest recruiter I'm working with doesn't either.

He did his best to sympathise with me yesterday, before conceding that should the news be bad (it would truly be a beyond fabulous Hollywood ending if it wasn't !) he would give me a full debrief....oh dear !

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