Friday, 25 September 2009

Am I Settling ?

Waking up this morning I felt smugily relieved that I had made it through my date in one piece. On the train to work, I replayed our conversations and couldn't help but smile. I had a good laid-back uncomplicated time, which as we know is practically unheard of for me.

I would and should have been content, but for a nigglying feeling in the back of my mind; that somehow I had moved from being a sexy must have to a left on the shelf relic, just grateful to be taken out by anybody and treated well.

Five years ago I wouldn't have given M2 the time of day. Sounds shallow I know, but so true. I would have focused on our height difference - I was positively Amazon beside him in my non-negotiable heels. I would have dismissed his thug you like face - East End gangster meets Bulldog and his musclebound michelin man body, would have had me demanding that he cut-down those gym sessions.

Yes back in the day, I considered myself such a foxy piece of tail, that if you didn't have beauty, brawn and brains, the closest you'd get to me was via satellite link. Which led me to the question when did I move from looking for Mr Right Now to settling for a pumped up version of my ex R?

Now before you reach for your Jimmy Choos to throw at me and remind me of my previous crappy love interests, the irony of becoming a 'settler' is not wasted on me. For years I have pursued men who I have considered to be my ideal and they have consistently, unremittingly let me down. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a campaign of rejection by them, it as more so my allowing myself to be treated like an afterthought.

I have only been on the one date with M2 so far, but by virtue of his openess, punctuality/ability to actually be bothered to show up (!), manners and lack of complications, he is already head and shoulders (pardon the pun) above some of those Mr Ideals I have spent so much time on. But like the beginning of every good book, what will happen next? Well that's another blog entry.

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