Thursday, 3 September 2009

Happy Thursday !

Yes, you are reading correctly. I said Happy Thursday. Which means it is a red letter day. Truly awesome and almost equal to my normal Happy Friday.

First HWMBO was on great form - yes I said this was a special day. He wasn't moody at all, in fact, he was even tempered for the whole of the day and actually said thanks on more than one occasion.....I know how bloody marvellous and random was that! Sort of like winning the lottery, but without the joy of being able to buy another pair of shoes!

Next was the day itself - seamless like moi. Everything I touched went one point I checked my shoes in case I was wearing Dorothy's red ones and humming "No More Drama", all at the same time ! A emailed me from his holiday destination and make me laugh so much I nearly choked on my solo latte.

At lunch instead of wasting 10 of those precious 60 minutes, queueing for a sandwich, a checkout miraculous opened up with me as the first customer and best of all ,things are going tip-top with Mr DJ. Who? I hear you scream. Come on. Sometimes, a diva has to keep some things to herself, particularly with a run of 'bad man' luck which would drive a lessor mortal to drink.

Mr DJ is single, (result!), well adjusted (this is of course all a provisional assessement and so over his ex, again this is just a provisional finding - as I know time is the real judge of these situations!) nice in a clean cut Gap way and can flirt like a trouper. He replies to emails promptly, has a GSOH, is self depreciating which as we know I adore and you've guessed it, likes me only as a friend....damnit!

Yes I have received another polite Dear diva letter, as love's arrow had hit Mr DJ and he is even now romancing someone else! Disappointed yeah, surprised not in the least, my expectations levels from the beginning of the year to now are exactly fixed at nil. If something happens great, if it doesn't I chalk it up to another one of life's little lessons. Not worth being down hearted about !

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