Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The One With The Crunchy Stomach

So here I am minus 24 hours and counting to my date. I have face packed, defuzzed, spent way too much time deciding to wear a dress, of course a flattering black one, paired with black evening jacket, black stilettoes and purple clutch bag.

G called kowing I would be freaking out with the reassuring declaration that "You are one hot woman and this guy should think himself lucky to be going out with you. And make sure he buys you dinner!"

She can be so romantic when she wants to be! She even promised to throw in a free SOS emergency call, during dinner, just in case the date turns into a disaster and I need a speedy escape route.

My stomach is crunching at the thought of putting myself in the firing line for a little more dating disappointment or just out and out rejection. What happened with PP has suddenly popped back in my head and I am trying my best to not think that I have to get through a full day with HWMBO's slings and arrows before I even go on the blooming date. Oh for a quiet life!

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