Friday, 11 September 2009

That Friday Feeling !

Well another one of my favorite partners in crime is deserting the good ship E. Fast on the heels of N and S , it was DA's turn to hand in a neatly worded statement of his attention to exit the company stage left.

DA has decided after reaching the grand old age of....(well he's such a woman he won't actually confess how old he is after his recent birthday, but by my estimate I'd say he is mid-to late 30's!) - that he is going to jack in his job (after a traumatic few years in his personal life) and go off travelling.

I am happy for him, but I'm gonna miss my cheeky Italian Stallion, not just because of his ice blue eyes (crystal clear and deadly to any woman who has had more than one glass of wine!), he's super smart, tells really dodgy jokes and inappropriate stories, but because he is part of the small honourable clan of 'Tell It Like It Is Men' - not as you or they for that matter, might want things to actually be.

He is of course a randy dog of the highest order, because he wants to be and partly for protective purposes; if you act like you don't care, then you don't get hurt!. He cheerfully admits to making up for all that shagging ........I mean dating time, he missed out while he was married to the ex.

The funny thing is once he finishes his one man assault on bedding as many attractive 20 - 30 somethings in London and the Home Counties, he will like an uncut diamond, make the perfect partner for the right woman.

Any woman other than his much despised ex who waltzed out of the divorce court, into the sunset with his house, half his earnings and shared custody of his much loved son; after cheating on him. It was only a matter of time before karma bit the arse of that trollop.

The irony of DA's soon to be reduced wallet contents and the impact of this on his ex's standard of living, via his generous maintenance cheques, brought a gleeful glint to DA's eyes when he said he couldn't wait to tell her the 'good news' !!

While divorce is sad, massively painful and let's be honest downright fucking, expensive, sometimes a wronged party who has made it through the crappy realisation that the person they married is actually toxic.

When that wronged against party has managed to pull themselves together to give that outward semblance of normality, they can be forgiven for deriving a hint of pleaure at the pain of the wrongdoer. Oh to be a fly on the wall for that conversation between DA and the ex...meow !

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Sergio...x said...

I love this and its right on the money........ So well written and beautiful humor.....x