Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Date

So you're wondering what happened on the date? Well here goes. I left work on time and headed to Covent Garden. Waiting outside the tube station I prowled around like a caged tiger waiting for her prey to arrive.

When M2 arrived, on time (no H timekeeping or even bothering to show up issues here, thank God!), it was a pleasant surprise. He wasn't the man mountain I expected in weight terms. In fact, telling me he had a houze body, was both a joke and test to see whether I would show up or not.

At Chez Gerard, we took up residence on the balcony and got down the nitty gritty of enjoying a meal and finding out more about each other. The conversation flowed, the sense of humour we had captured during our initial hook up was alive and well.

We were so entertaining, that the couple opposite who seemed to be in the throes of a row, spent most of their evening throwing each other angry looks and listening to our conversation.

"So you have you had a good time" M2 asked. "Yes" I said smiling. "Want to do it again?". "Yes, if you can find the time", I said recalling his work schedule which is totally crazy. "The ball's in your court. If you're bothered you'll find the time, if not then we've had a good night", I said finishing my dessert.

What a turnaround - As every diva knows one date does not a relationship make. Once you have learnt this lesson and abandoned any expectations of fairytale endings, then you can consider yourself well versed in the art of dating, whatever the dating dilemma.

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