Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Not What I Ordered, But Possibly Better!

Sometimes a diva is surprised at how the underdog rises to the top of the dating pile. M2 continues to amuse me with vaguely dodgy sense of humour, which in the right side silly. He isn't my normal city boy arsehole, but is just as smart - runs two businesses and has the work ethic of a man in a hurry to retire sooner rather than later.

He is also exhibiting all the positive behaviours of Mr DJ - namely the ability to consistently talk and communicate with you, unhindered by time delays caused by work, life or the need to wait for his wife or girlfriend to leave the room before talking to me.

Come on, things might be going ok, but it will take more than a small sustained period of 'good behaviour' from any man I'm interested in, for me to believe in his sincerity or more importantly honesty.

I will continue to do what all single women should remember to do - 'wait and see' - he'll either turn out to be a gem or yet another f..k up for me to chalk up to experience !

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