Sunday, 20 September 2009

Oh No!

Yes, you've guessed it G is sticking with the Fool and what's more he's moving in with her. Love really does make you nuts !!

And so we move on to the ridiculous aka my love life. M2 is continues to be on his best behaviour and we are meeting up Thursday. Great I hear you say, yep, it would be if a certain matter hadn't been brought to my attention.

While reviewing men's profiles I have noticed that they are not backwards in coming forward, when it comes saying exactly what they are looking for in potential partners, from looks to how much they weigh. On M2's profile he specified his weight, but, during a conversation today I found out that he hadn't been honest about it. He is bigger, much bigger.

Having already agreed to meet with him on Thursday, I have decided to tackle the matter face to face. You never know. My willingness to meet up with M2 was reinforced by the arrival of this little gem in my mailbox from the rather sleazy J, who has winked at me repeatedly for the last 2 weeks.

"Hi, loved your profile and pictures. I am online hoping to find a gorgeous busty black lady with the curves to match her sparkling smile and willing to jump for joy and fly on the wings of love and passion - I think you're that woman".

Lucky me - not! Clearly my having a brain, personality, hell maybe even some opinions just insn't that important. There are lots of things I look for in partners, however picking someone on the grounds of their race as part of my checklist has never ever entered my head.

The fact that this idiot thought it might be flattering in some way to highlight his racial preference to me, probably goes some way to explaining why he is single and probably will be for the foreseeable future.

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